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I went in search of Vitthala

I went in search of Vitthala
Of Pandhari he is the Raya (Lord)

I know not where lies Vaikunta
Nor do I know where lies the submerged Dwaraka

I was told you met Pundalika
On the crescent moon banks of the mighty Chandrabhaaga

During Karthika Ekadashi I saw that
Pandhari was a beehive of men

Everyone advised me, it is impossible
At that time to be in your eagle platform

Not possible was it, to glimpse
Your bewitching smile or your divine form

Not possible was it to see you on the brick
Not possible was it see with you Mother Rukmai

I went to my Guru's abode with these thoughts
An impressive durbar is his, and he is extremely generous

For my Sadguru is Lord Sainaatha
His hand is as bountiful as that of Karna

That night as I slept did I dream?
Was I asleep or awake or was it a vision or was it a dream?

In a desolate landscape I followed someone
Other than us two there was none

To see the man go and stand on a brick
To see the bewitching smile and divine form

For I held the magnifice…