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A dream vision

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha! Oh Lord Ganesha, thou art that primordial power from which this universe originated. Your excellent form represents all the vedas and shastras. Resplendent and full of glory you use your mighty axe to destroy the thick forests of obstacles. Verily only the blessed come to you, worshipping you with different names. The Samaritans, the Jews and the Christians say you are Yehweh. The Mussalmans call you Allah. The Sikhs call you Waheguru and those of Sanathana Dharma call you Lambodhara. Just as a child calls it's mother in a particular language, all your children seek you by calling you different names. Please look kindly upon me and help me sing thy glory. For is it not by your grace that one can cross the forests of Sandalwood to reach the mines full of gold and dimonds. Today I seek your help in trying to describe the dream vision that you verily gave me. For are you not one with my Sadguru? I then bow before Mother Saraswathi, without whose grace, how c…