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Ruso mama priyaambikaa

||Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha||    ||Om Shree Saraswatyay Namaha||        ||Om Shree Gurave Namaha||    ||Om Shree Kuladevatyay Namaha||   

Om Jai Sairam! Blessed are those who resort to the feet of the Sadguru.The Sadguru protects us like a mother. His attention is ever on his children and he never allows them to be hurt ever! Today another incident proved that the Sadguru is ever looking after his devotees. Today I was in great agitation at my own helplessness and I was afraid that my image was tarnished for no fault of mine. But then Sainath came to my rescue and calmed the raging storm within me.

I woke up today after a small nap. I was awakened by a phone call. A dear relative had called over the phone and the person seemed to be upset that I was fit enough to visit the Sai temple during Guru Pournima and yet I was not in a position to visit them. You see I had visited the temple on Guru Pournima and I had put the pictures on Facebook, hoping that those devotees who could not visit t…