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Guru Pournima festivities in Plano - On the Eve of Guru Pournima!

Om Jai Sai Ram! Blessed are those who seek refuge in his feet! They will be liberated from the fear of samsara. I am unqualified to sing the glories of one, whom even the Vedas cannot describe completely, for the Sadguru is parabrahma himself, from whom the vedas have originated. I am writing this post on the eve of Guru pournima (The auspicious full moon day on which worship is offered to the Sadguru). I shall write something about what transpired today in this post.

Today is Thursday, a day considered most auspicious by the devotees of Samartha Sadguru Sainath. The devotees who can render service to the holy and lotus feet of Sainath on this day are most fortunate. I myslef, had the good fortune, by the grace of Lord Sainath to visit his temple at Plano in Texas. I met Mr.Pandya,who started this temple in Plano. He told me that grand festivities will take place at the temple, just like they do in Shirdi during Guru poornima.

I will meander here a little. In Shirdi totally 3 festivals…