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My Sadguru

Let me begin my essays on the saints by talking about my Sadguru. When I say "I", it is not really I who am writing the essay. For I am not at all qualified to write it. How can one who finds it difficult to understand the concepts of computer networks understand the Sadguru, who is Brahma,Vishnu and Maheshwara. He verily is the Parabrahma. He is without beginning and without end. For one must always be aware that the Sadguru verily is the doer and all of us are mere instruments. By seeking refuge in his feet, and by offering my ego at his feet, I seek the Sadguru's blessings in writing this essay. For I am merely a dullard. And to write about sadguru, whom even the vedas and the thousand tongued shesha find it hard to describe is an impossible task. Only the Sadguru can describe himself. And it is with his blessings that I have the courage and one might say audacity to attempt the task at hand.

In here, I first try to write about what I know about Guru. My fond remembr…


Om, I offer my Salutations to Lord Ganesha, the primordial source of the universe and the most intelligent one. The one true source of eternal bliss who removes vignas (obstacles), in the path of success.

I then offer salutations to Mother Saraswathi, the embodiment of supreme intelligence and I seek refuge in her feet and beseech her to guide her child in writing these blogs.

I then bow to my Sadguru, Shree Sai Baba of Shirdi. He is Parabrahama, he is Brahma,Vishnu and Maheshwara. He alone is the Saguna (With form) Brahman.

I then offer Salutations to Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi who as Chandala Parameshwari and Sangameshwara are my family deities and ask them to bless me in this venture.

I then Salute my ancestor the great Sage Vasishta who was the guru of the Raghu Vamsha.

I then salute the countless saints of the deccan who have proved to be such an inspiration to me in my life, namely Dhyaneshwar,Tukaram,Ghora Kumbhara,Namadeva,Pundalika,Samartha Ramdasa,Shreepadha Shree Vallabha,N…