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Worry was my companion until I heard the glories of the Sadguru. Despair was with me, until I realized Sai is with me who is Kalpataru.
Fear, their brother in law was lodged in my heart When I heard Sai's leelas he fled in a bullock Cart
I realized that I have nothing to fear I realized that Sadguru is always near
Where there were tears of disappointments and pain There is now tears of joy pouring like rain
There is no place on earth or heaven more peaceful The Sadguru's feet it is most restful
A child whether far or near Is always under the constant gaze of it's mother
Likewise I see, whereever I am I am not far away from the Sadguru's realm
Rama, Rahim and Jesus are but your different names The ignorant do not fathom your divine games
The Gurucharithra sings but your glory, oh Lord Dattatreya Thou art the son of Atri and Anasuya
In all life , you are the one atma of this I have no doubt, that you are paramatma

My wish is and this is my mission May I everyday see you in my vision
Just as …

Santh Jnaneshwar: At Kashi

Om Jai Sai Ram! Lord Krishna has said that the saint is one with him and not different from him. Santha (Saint) and Anantha (Lord) are one and the same. The mission of the Lord is to uphold good and to punish the wicked and for this purpose he takes avatars. The mission of saints are quite different. They are his karuna avatars (Avatars of mercy or compassion). To them there is no good or evil person. They take the evil ones and make them good and make them traverse on the path of goodness. They can be compared to trees, which even when pelted with stones, give us fruits. Blessed is he who hears the stories of the saints. By merely listening to their sweet leelas, all his calamities will be destroyed and his desires will be fulfilled. Then being desire less and bestowed with the power of discrimination (Viveka) of real and unreal and dispassion (Vairagya), by the aid of which one can achieve the ultimate goal of life, which is union with Brahman. Such a saint was our Sadguru Sainath…