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wall of difference

The lover treads a lonely track
Seeking the beloved on a thorny path

Blow after blow from serrated arrows to the heart
The mendicants at the infirmary of the lovelorn are clueless

Unrequited remains most of the wishes of the lover
Wounds and abrasions seem to be without reason

This mad quest of the lover few understand and fewer speak about
A taboo it is considered in this world full of businessmen

How much more pain can the lover bear
No one, not even the beloved understands

The murshid asks me to quit anger
and stop fretting over painful memories

My fakir soothed my aching heart and
wiped the hot tears streaking down my chin

Now at least realize what is real and what is unreal, Said he
Remove this wall of difference between you and me!

Sit still and I will do the rest!

I sat still near the fakir
Until I was driven to find a beloved

"Is it prudent to bet my life's happiness on another?"
Thinking thus I spent many a lonely days journeying the world

Until the beloved came to my arms and pleased me
I lost all judgement and prudence and fell hopelessly in love

Every day I walked on shards of glass to reach the beloved's embrace
Pain welled in the heart at regular intervals with hot tears streaming

And sometimes the walk was weary and drab
Without a shoulder to lean on or to weep

As my bleeding and battered feet walked on
I saw your neem tree in a soft clearing

The fakir said "Live like a lotus in water"
"Remember my name and cease this capricious journey"

"Seek the beloved within and live happily"
"This outer journey is the most crooked ever"!

"Some call him Allah, Others Ram"
"But remember his name and remain calm"

As I wept at the fakir's lotus feet and fell asleep
I realized  that this is…