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The source of light

I went in search of the source of Light
I walked on and on day and night

I went in search of the source of air
Walking on and on I went to a Village fair

The merchants beckoned me with their colorful wares
Their beauty made me forget my original quest

I bought some items here and some there
I looked around and wanted to buy more and more

I became confused on what more to buy
I then became enamored by the dancing girls

I then became very sad by the things I did not have
I was not happy with the things I already had

Once the show was over, the dancing girls left
They went to entice other men in a different village

Hopelessly lost and deeply saddened
I remembered what I originally sought

In the night when the merchants had left
The light from the starry sky showed me the way

The cool breeze wafting through the city
softly whispered to me the directions to a cave

Treading in the moon lit night I reached  a cool stream
Nearby was a cave which was the dwelling of a wizard

I went and knelt …

Sai gives darshan on CCTV

||Om Shree Ganeshaaya Namaha||    ||Om Shree Saraswatyay Namaha||    ||Om Shree Kuladevatyay Namaha||  ||Om Shree Sainaathaya Namaha||

My prostrations to Lord Ganehsa. Fourteen worlds are said to exist in his belly, his form encompassing the entire universe. Hence he is called Lambodhara! I then bow before Mother Saraswathi, for without her blessings words do not flow like a spotless clear river. My humble prostrations then go out to Mother Chandrala Parameshwari, who is the mother of the universe. Being my Kula devata, I beseech her blessings all the time. I then humbly bow before Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj. Without the Sadguru's grace, how can one sing his glory. I therefore submit my ego at his lotus feet and beseech him to help me sing his glory!

There is no dearth for the doubting and the skeptics! The world is full of them. Even those who believe in their Sadguru or God, will find that faith does not come easily. When faced with troubles in life, one begin…

Ruso mama priyaambikaa

||Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha||    ||Om Shree Saraswatyay Namaha||        ||Om Shree Gurave Namaha||    ||Om Shree Kuladevatyay Namaha||   

Om Jai Sairam! Blessed are those who resort to the feet of the Sadguru.The Sadguru protects us like a mother. His attention is ever on his children and he never allows them to be hurt ever! Today another incident proved that the Sadguru is ever looking after his devotees. Today I was in great agitation at my own helplessness and I was afraid that my image was tarnished for no fault of mine. But then Sainath came to my rescue and calmed the raging storm within me.

I woke up today after a small nap. I was awakened by a phone call. A dear relative had called over the phone and the person seemed to be upset that I was fit enough to visit the Sai temple during Guru Pournima and yet I was not in a position to visit them. You see I had visited the temple on Guru Pournima and I had put the pictures on Facebook, hoping that those devotees who could not visit t…

The sweetness of Baba Farid

The bitter waters of worldly life
Became sweet with the sugar called Ganj-e-Shakar

The bitter taste of worldly talk
Became sweet by chanting your name

The toxic environment of the materialistic world
Turned into sweet scent of God's grace near Baba Farid

The hatred existing in the materialistic world
Metamorphoses into sweet love near Baba Farid

In the materialistic world there was much pride
At your majestic durbar everyone bowed and became humble

The essence of the materialistic world is illusion
Your sweet essence is for one and all emancipation

The world is full of bigots who do not remember Ali
You remember in every breath and are the supreme Wali

The materialistic world remembers  only the sinful
Guru Arjan Dev the embodiment of love remembered your form beautiful

The materialistic world is full of trouble and pain
In this I turn to you for the balm of blissful rain

Shree Ramana Maharshi blesses me with a dream vision!

||Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha|| ||Om Shree Saraswatyay Namaha|| ||Om Shree Gurubhyo Namaha||

My humble obeisance to Lord Ganesha! The primordial lord of this manifold universe and the in-dweller of all, I place my ego at your lotus feet and beseech you to destroy the forest of obstacles that stand between me and singing of your glory! I then bow to Mother Saraswathi from whose womb the 4 vedas originated. Without her grace how can one sing the glory of the saints, let alone even think about it! I then bow to Lord Rama and Mother Sita on the auspicious day of Shree Rama Navami. A constant utterance of your name was prescribed by Girijapathi (Consort of Parvathi) as a panacea to all problems. I then bow before Shree Siddha Ruda Swamy whose Jayanthi also falls on this auspicious day! A great mystic and Jeevan Muktha (Liberated soul), differences of caste, creed and religion had fled from his realm and instead there was pure Advaita(Oneness). Before him I humbly prostrate and request him to g…

Baba Farid

Listen oh, Listen to the glory of Ganj-e-Shakar
His sayings and stories are sweeter than Sugar

The god Almighty was his one and only beloved
Sweet words in praise of Allah he spoke aloud

His mother coaxed him to pray with sugar
Then the beloved made sure sugar was always near

He burnt his ego under arduous spiritual exercises
He did away with the wealth and mortal pleasures

He served his Murshid Hazrat Khwaja Kutubuddin Bakhtyar Kaki
Finally was blessed by the murshid and Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty

The two saints bestowed their blessings on him
He recieved the Kingship of God's realm

God dwelth everywhere says Baba Farid
Do not any object of creation disregard

The divine Guru Arjan heard your sayings
Made them a part of the Guru Granth Sahib's hymns

Sharath, the child of Sai Prays
The blissful sayings of Baba Farid in my heart always stays