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Guru Pournima

Om Jai Sai Ram! It is only by the grace of Sadguru that we can get rid of all the defilements in ourselves and become pure. By getting rid of lower desires and submitting our ego at the lotus feet of the Sadguru, we can reach the fount of bliss, which is the abode of the Sadguru. As the popular shloka (hymn) extols the Guru thus "Guru is Brahma (The creator of the universe) , Guru is Vishnu (The preserver of the Universe) and Guru is Lord Maheshwara (At the time of dissolution, the world enters into him), Guru is Parabrahma himself (The ultimate Brahman, the essence of all that is), Let me therefore bow humbly before him". The Sadguru is without beginning and without end. It is an audacious task for a dullard like me to describe the glories of the Sadguru. But I carry on knowing that I am merely an instrument, and Sadguru alone is the doer. By clasping his lotus feet, I beseech the Sadguru to bless me and help me narrate his glories, and to bless you readers to enjoy the sa…