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Shree Samartha Sadguru Shreedhara Swamiji

I am going towards the heavenly retreat of Bhagavan Shreedhara
I am going to the Green Paradise nestled in the Malnad region

Where one can see God's finest creation on the canvass of life
Where Yogis go to attain liberation after much strife

Where flows the nectar of emancipation from the sacred mount
To counter the draught called worldy afflictions rose the stream

Where Bhagavan Shreedhara's pristine presence permeates everywhere
Where Bhagavan's blessings penetrates every pore of your body

Look deeply and you will see this place is blessed by Sage Vasishta
The Guru of Shree Rama Samartha by whose will creation exists

Look deeply and you will see the mighty armed Samartha Ramadasa
The eleventh incarnation of Maha Rudra and the son of Anjana and Kesari

Bhagavan Shreedhara's worshipful service at the feet of the Samartha
Led to the great Avadhuta's merging in eternal consciousness of Sarangadhara

Look deeply and you will see the Vaijayanthi Mala clad ruler of unive…