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The pillar of faith

An ambassador came to the court
Of the mightiest king on earth

To make peace was his mission
To save a beautiful kingdom from demolition

The Lord of Lanka however would not yield
Added insult to injury by not giving him a seat

Remembering Lord Rama's might Angada roared
Try see if any of you can displace my foot

Should any of your warriors be successful
Then on behalf of my Lord Rama I promise

We shall leave Lanka without shooting a single arrow
If you can move my foot there shall be no fight tomorrow

So much was his faith in the name of Lord Rama
"If you can but move my foot you wretch" said Angad

Then forgoing Sita, my Lord Rama will turn back
And leave without a fight this I promise

Then taking the mighty name of Lord Rama
He planted his foot firmly in the ground

The demon warriors of the court were pleased
An easy challenge and our victory in this war is confirmed

The demon warrior Shardula moved with confidence
Towards the pillar of faith that was Angada's foot

The Quest

Om Jai Sai Ram! I bow before that primordial force from which all originated and into which all dissolves. Ganapati is one of your several names. Obstacles are singed by your very gaze. I beseech you to help me sing your glory. I then bow before Mother Saraswathi with her pure vermillon mark holding the Brahma Veena and riding the Peacock. The four vedas originated from her womb. I beseech her to give strength to my utterances. I then bow before the family dieties Mother Parvathi and Lord Shiva in pristine Kailasa. I seek their blessings in this venture to sing the glory of the saints. I then bow before Shree Sita Ramachandra, who is perfect amongst the most perfect, purest of pure. His name ever on the lips of Hara. I then bow before the lotus feet of Samartha Sadguru Sainath and ask him to guide me in this life which is veritably an ocean of challenges and desires which keep rocking the boat which we use to travel.

Today I had a strange experience. I was doing something and felt the…