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Dattavatar Shree Sadguru Swami Samarth Maharaj

I first and foremost pray to Lord Ganesha, whom thou art
For it is by thy grace that cuts through the dense forest of obstacles

I then salute the Mother of all learning Mother Saraswathi,
This too you are, for is it not you who are the source of all knowledge

I then salute her consort Lord Brahma, who is one with you
For this immense and boundless universe is your creation

I then salute Lord Vishnu the preserver of the Universe,
For are you not the same, your peace and mercy deeper than the Ocean

I then pray to Umapathi, Girija Shankar Mahadeva
When in a wrathful rage you are none other than that terrifying Rudra

I then pray to Sadguru Sai, incarnation of Lord Dattatreya
Darling son of Sage Atri and Mother Anasuya

You showered your grace on the destroyer of Sahasrabahu
To the mighty axe weilding , Parashurama

Instilled devotion in Prahalada
Appeared before him as Narasimha (Man-Lion)

Appeared in Kurvapur as Shreepada Vallabha
Blessed were the people near river Krishna

Then did you app…

Who can?

Who can fathom my love for you?
None of your creation but you!

Who can understand the longing
Of the calf but her mother

Who can understand the thirst of the bee
But the flower with it's  nectar

Who can understand the craving of the Chakora bird,
But the moon with her cool moonlight

Who can understand the anxiety of the rich miser
But the secret buried treasure of his

Who can understand the devotion of Pundalika
But the ancient lord of Pandhari himself

Who can understand the sweetness of Shabari's fruits
But the Lord Rama himself who is source of all sweetness

Hence  only you can understand oh Sadguru Sai,
That you are to your devotees their mai (Mother)

--Dedicated to the lotus feet of the Sadguru

--Bow to Shree Sai! Peace be to all!