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Mast Qalander

The Red robed Lord of Sindh Whirls in ecstasy of divine love
Praising Ali he does near Jhelum dance The mighty river stops in trance
Oh God intoxicated Qalander, falcon of love Seeing your whirl, intoxicated I cannot move
Of Barthrihari they say you are reincarnation You came to unite the Sindh and Hindh nation
Though your divine shrine lies across the border There are no boundaries to your love and mercy
The ways of the world seem full of pain Hearing your glories bring down of bliss rain
This universe is but your divine whirl For your red color merged with the colorless almighty
Your divine love is contagious By listening to it, I dance in your court
Adorn me in thy beautiful red robes of divine love Let me dance to the accompaniment of beautiful music of bliss
I pray from a large distance away But I know between us there isn't distance any
Sharath, the child of sai prays to Lal Shahbaaz Qalander to bless
One and all in the Universe For they are verily his manifold forms
For in everyones heart lies …

Guru Pournima

Om Shree Ganeshaya Namaha! Om Shree Sainaathaya Namaha!
First I bow before Lambodhara, The foremost lord of the universe
This world is but your varied manifestation I beg you to help me to sing but your glory
On this night, when the Full moon is bright One reads the Vedas and contemplates on Brahman
Another reads the Kalma from Quran and says Allah Ho Akbar Another chants verses from Gurbani and says Wahe Guru
The agnostics seek Nirvana from their Sutras The atheists want the same from their Tirtankaras
Those who read the psalms from Bible contemplate on Yehwah They are all singing but your glory tonight oh Sadguru
For thou art that, which everyone craves for In different forms and things we seek but you
The air we breathe, and the water we drink are but one Likewise all the forms that the eyes can and cannot behold
Are but your manifold incarnations There is no place devoid of you
Truth be told you have no name nor form You take both to please your devotees
You know the workings of the machinery calle…

You see through you yourself

Your names are countless
And yet you are nameless

Your forms are numerous
Yet you are essentially formless

They say you are in heaven
They say you sit on a throne

They say there are around you gardens
They say we are all sinners and must ask you pardons

And yet how can you be only in some place
When you are formless and everywhere?

One need not go far to seek you
For you are verily inside

Everything and everywhere is your realm
That means you are also within every being

How then have we committed sin?
For aren't you the only one there within?

This world is verily a dream and an illusion
All the various names and forms are a projection of your thought

The true principle from the smallest to the biggest
Is you and an illusion is the rest

You see through you yourself
Where then is the room for me?

When I look at the clearing from here, I see me
When I look from there, I see you

Hallaj asked you "who art thou?"
You replied simply "thou"

The water evaporates only
To fall down as rain again


The most beautiful smile

In this universe vast there are
Several beautiful things to behold

But what is more benign and beautiful
Than to behold your smiling countenance

When I look to you, you return the glance
It fills me with bliss and puts me in a trance

This universe is a harsh desert
To me, You are the only oasis in it

Like a mother you take care of me
No matter where I go I am always under your gaze

You see me all the time,
It is my wish to see you too

My eyes cannot see you,as you are essentially formless
This makes me sad and helpless

You are renowned to satisfy the wishes of your devotees
Then hear this child of yours and let me behold you

I am your child and I may have many defects
But oh most merciful Mother Sai, please let me behold you

Even if it is a dream, or reality
Please let me see you again

You appeared to me as Panduranga
The most ancient diety of Pandharapura

I wish to behold you again
Let my mind think of you all the time

Let "Sai" be always on my lips
May your lotus feet always be in my heart

The Dargah of Hazrat Tajuddin Auliya

Om Shree Ganeshaaya Namaha! I bow to the foremost lord of the Universe. Thou art essentially formless oh Lambodhara. By worshiping you alone all obstacles are quelled. Hold the hands of your child oh Mother of mine and guide me in narrating your divine splendor. For in describing you the Vedas have merely said "Not this, Not this"! Even the thousand tongued Adi Shesha upon whom you rest cannot describe your glory fully. What about a dullard like me? Kindly bless me and as I am an instrument in your hands, help me sing your glory.

About 12 miles from the banks of river Godavari is the holy land called Shirdi. It is like the Ayodhya of Lord Rama, or the Vrindavana or Dwaraka of Lord Krishna. For the lord manifested there as Sainath Maharaj.

Essentially formless, the Maharaj had attained the form for the sake of the devotees. Those who were blessed and had a store of good merits got to touch the lotus feet of this Samartha Sadguru.

Whether he was a Hindu or Yavana none could tell.…

Santh Jnaneshwar : The writing of Amruthanubhava

Om Jai Sairam! Verily blessed is he who takes delight in listening to the stories of the saints. It is by his store of merits that he has got such an opportunity. It is extremely difficult to see the beginning or the end of a Saint's life which is verily an incarnation of god. Santha (Saint) and Anantha (God) are one. Just as a child struggles to walk and is susceptible to fall, I feel helpless when trying to sing their glory. However just as a child can walk with the help of the mother's firm hand holding it's hand I cling onto the hand of Sai ma (Mother Sai) the Sadguru to help me in describing his glory. You are the veritable Panduranga, the ancient deity of Pandharpur. Oh consort of Rukmai (Mother Rukmini), please hold my hand and help me sing your glory, for I take delight in nothing else. Your glory is unfathomable and only you can explain them. I submit my ego at your lotus feet, kindly help me sing the glory of your incarnation as the blessed boy saint Jnanadeva.

Sainatha Guru Majhe aai!

At night the baby cries And the mother comes running
Sleep, food she thinks of not Her baby is always in her thought
You are no different oh Sadgurunaatha You are to your devotees a mother, oh sainaatha
Just as a mother bestows on her child affection To the beautiful moon and stars she draws his attention
When with the pain of worldly miseries I cried Seeing your divine splendor my pain vanished
The world had become inhospitable To many a places I went to be comfortable
All the doors were closed in my face Of comfort and solace there was no trace
Only in your Masjid were the doors open Only there did my misery lessen
I received all the comfort and solace There came tears of joy on my face
In your lotus feet I found everything Other than these there really is nothing
May you ever in my mind and heart reside May I ever find you when I look inside
--Dedicated to the Lotus feet of the Sadguru
Shree Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!
Bow to Shree Sai! Peace be to all!


Found in the Bhagirati by Tamal You among saints a jewel
Try whatever the Mullahs might They could not find you a name right
The Almighty's name came up every time To abandon you was the Mullah's claim
Al-Kabir cannot be a person's name The very idea they said is insane
The weaver refused to let go With the name of Kabir you grew
You wore a tilak on your young forehead Much to the consternation of the Mosque's head
Allah and Ram distinction there was none You said all are his children and god is one
Your longing for god drove you to the river To see the divine feet of Swami Ramanand, of bliss the bestower
You heard him chant the name of Rama Took it to your heart and fell at your deva(Lord)
Accepted a Yavana as a disciple Other disciples did him despise
The lord does not come to you by ringing bells Or by running to the Mosque listening to the Mullah's yells
Your words angered the Hindu and Yavana alike Your concept of unity everyone did dislike
They asked you what is your religion You r…


In the dense forest a path I found In it I was walking around
Saw dark clouds in the sky Frightened, the birds began to fly
I had nowhere to go I did not know what to do
In torrents came down the rain I continued in great pain
Many houses I saw along the way When I sought shelter, the residents said nay
I reached a masjid finally I was drenched and hurt really
The fakir who lived there allowed me inside He allowed me to in that place reside
An ever burning fire made me dry His love and compassion made me cry
I found that he did not only reside in the Masjid small But he lived in the hearts of one and all
Finally I was residing somewhere The Masjid's boundaries covered everywhere
The experience is no doubt mystical The Guru's benign presence is blissful
This was the abode of existence, knowledge and bliss Hidden along the path, it was easy to miss
--Dedicated to the Lotus feet of the Sadguru
Shree Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!
Avadhuta Chintana Shree Gurudeva Datta! Shree Gurudeva Datt…

What do I call you?

Do I call you Chanchal Bharati You appeared to some as Maruthi
Do I call you as Digambar Baba You reappeared in Shirdi as Sai Baba
Do I call you Shree Swami Samartha You alone are Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva
Do I call you Akkalkot Maharaj To the emperors all over you are the Mahraj
Fortunate was the raiseldar of the prison To be one of the first to get your darshan
Lord Narasimha Saraswathi Went to Kardalivana In a float of flowers oh digambara
To be found by a wood cutter's axe Inside an ant hill was your divine form
Fortunate were people in Mangalveda They Saw Damaji Panth and you oh Digambara

The world is like a fierce storm Your form in the heart can only quell
Oh long armed blessed lord Getting your feet is very hard
Only by store of merits in lives past Is one able to attain your devotion fast
You are verily Brahma Saguna You are by nature nirguna
For the sake of devotees dear You have come to them near
Oh Swami, you are like a mother to your devotees Always protect us by your loving glance thus.