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Maid Servent teaches Ishavasyopanishad

Om Jai Sai Ram! By submitting my ego at the holy feet of my Sadguru, I beseech him to turn his merciful gaze towards me and to help me sing his glory. I cannot stress enough on the fact that a dullard like me cannot sufficiently write about adhyathma and my Sadguru let alone understand these things. But by the grace of Sadguru anything is possible. For Sainath is the doer and he alone is the divinity that resides in the heart of all beings.

In the previous blogs, by the grace of Sainath, I wrote about some experiences of devotees and a fabulous experience in my own life. I now go on to narrate a beautiful story which goes to show Baba's unique method of imparting knowledge and dispelling avidya or ignorance.

Sainath's method of teaching was verily unique and practical. To some he recommended yoga. For some the study of holy books like Jnaneshwari or Nath Bhagwath. To some he recommended Tukaram's Gatha. To some he suggested Namasmaran (Remembering the name of God.). And to s…