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Santh Jnaneshwar : The birth of Santh Jnaneshwar

Om Jai Sai Ram! Verily it is by the grace of the Sadguru that all good things happen and all can be achieved by the devotees. I am but a dullard, and it is only by the grace of the Sadguru that I am able to write these posts. For without the grace of the sadguru, what can one do in life indeed. For adhyathma the grace of the sadguru is very much necessary indeed. I now humbly bow and place my ego at the feet of my Sadguru and beseech him to help me in successful completion of this post. Sadguru alone does the writing and I am a mere instrument. In the previous post, I wrote how Vitthalpant, the illustrious father of Santha Jnanadev left his wife to take Sanyasa. I desribe how he got back with his wife and was forced to lead a life of grihastha and how this led to the birth of Santha Jnanadeva who is one with the supreme and was an incarnation of Panduranga.

For after leaving Alandi Vitthalpant headed towards Kashi. There he heard lived the great sage Ramananda. Ramananda was a realized…

Santh Jnaneshwar : The Sanyasa of Vitthalpant

Om Jai Sai Ram! Verily by the grace of Sadguru alone can one cross the ocean of misery and reach the abode of brahman. The chanting of the Sadguru's name and the placing of the ego at his feet are the only means to this. I am but a mere dullard who has tasted a little of the ocean of nectar called the lives of Saints. It is only by the grace of the Sadguru that I have come across this ocean. I humbly beseech my Sadguru to help me sing his glory. I now go on to describe the life of Santh Jnaneshwar, the crest jewel of Saints and an incarnation of Panduranga. He is verily Sainath and Sainath is verily him. I now go on to describe how his father, Vitthalpant came to take Sanyasa.

Siddhopant, the patil of Alandi was stunned by the sight near the Indrani river. For there he saw a boy of about 20, with austere features sitting deep in meditation. Siddhopant thought thus "Such devotion! Such austerity at such a young age! I must find out who this boy is!". Thus he waited patient…

Santha Pundalika and the creation of Pandarpur!

Om Jai Sai Ram! My humble prostrations to the lord of one and all, my Sadguru who is an incarnation of Panduranga himself! It is due to the devotion of countless devotees that the lord takes form and comes to free the burden of the helpless and poor and thus becomes Sagun Sakar (With form and attributes), though he is originally nirgun nirakar (formless and without attributes). I who am a dullard, place my ego before the feet of the Sadguru and plead him to help me and guide me to sing his glory, for in singing his glory only lies real happiness!
Now I begin to describe the latter part of the life of Pundalika. In the previous post, I described how Pundalika became changed man, after the darshan (vision) of Ganga,Yamuna and Saraswathi! Now Pundalika knew no other work other than serving his parents. After much piligrimage, the family of Pundalika returned to that very spot near the Chandrabhaga river and camped there. In the night, Pundalika sat near his parents as usual, massaging the…