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Trayambakeshwar,Nasik and Shree Swami Samarth!

By Humbly and sincerely offering my ego at the feet of my Sadguru. I now continue to describe his leelas by his kind grace. I cannot emphasize enough of the fact that it is only the Sadguru who is the doer and we are all mere puppets at his hand.

We proceeded from Shani Singanapur to the ancient city of Nasik. Nasik finds it's mention in the Ramayana, and it is due to an incident in the Ramayana that the place got it's name. Nasik, literally means "Nose" in Sanskrit. This blog will describe the historical aspect of this great place.

It is said that everyone must burn in the fire of Karma Yoga (Often referred to as the yoga of work, it alludes to the fact that everyone must suffer the results of one's actions. Once the divine parabrahma through maya takes manifold forms(Purusha), every form has to go trough various changes,events often associated with the environment(Prakriti)). Lord Rama was the 7th avatara(incarnation) of Lord Vishnu. To teach us the ideal behavi…

A Panacea to all problems

I have attempted to describe the greatness of my Sadguru in the previous blog. But this is a very difficult task. For only my Sadguru can himself describe his immeasurable greatness. Therefore, by seeking refuge in his lotus feet, I pray for his guidance in this task. I know that he alone is the doer and it is he who inspires me to sing his glory.

Let me describe how my first pilgrimage to Shirdi was. What all Leelas (Divine play-Often used in assosciation with the acts of Lord Krishna). I have already said, what happened as soon as I entered the village of Shirdi. The depression, the miserable and sad feeling that was lingering in the mind, the feeling of hopelessness all left me in a jiffy as soon as I entered the village. Then when I entered the samadhi Mandir (The temple which contains Baba's Samadhi or tomb(The word tomb is often a wrong word, but there is no appropriate word in english.)), I kept thinking "I am here finally! After waiting for so many years, here I am!&qu…