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Shivaji meets Sadguru Samartha Ramdas

Oh all pervading Panduranga, oh Sadguru, kindly show your merciful glance towards me, and let me glimpse thy true nature which is of pure bliss. In describing you the Vedas have said "Neti Neti" (Not this not this). The thousand tongued Adi Shesha finds it hard to describe your glory. What is the way for a dullard like me. I have come to your door, and I lay down my ego at your lotus feet oh Sadguru. Please help me sing your glory. I am merely an instrument in your hands. The Sun shines and the wind blows by your will alone. Kindly hold the hands of your child and help me sing your glory.
I now go on to narrate by the grace of the Sadguru, the greatness of the Sadguru ( A realized guru). How one of the foremost warriors of the world Shree Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj fell into a state of worry and doubt and how, by the grace of Sadguru Samartha Ramdas who is Maruti (Hanuman) incarnate was guided to follow his Dharma (duty).
The air was charged with devotion. "Tuka says, le…

Worshipping the Sadguru

Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namaha! Many question the reason behind worshipping a Sadguru. Several people see this as blasphemy. Several other people think that it is arrogance on behalf of a guru to proclaim that "I will ease your burden. I will remove your sorrow". It is natural that such a question should arise. And their arguments are valid in case the guru in question is himself a seeker. But such Gurus do not qualify to become Sadguru. A Sadguru is one, who has realized the truth. He has realized that he is the truth. He is one who is capable of making his devotees to realize their inherent divinity. Only such a one is a Sadguru. Let us take the example of Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj. Sai Baba lived the life of a fakir and claimed that he was a humble devotee of god, and had the words, "Allah Malik" (God is the sole owner) on his lips. However, when his most intimate devotees came to him for solace and guidance, he revealed his vast and unfathomable powers and r…

Jai Raghuvir Samartha

When the hapless people cried for help, When wickedness had come to reside in India, And his sister Religious Intolerance had become the queen of the Country, You, oh Maharudra Avatar Hanuman, incarnated as a Samartha Sadguru, You tought people to fight the 6 enemies by the potent wepon of Ramanama, One look at you oh Samartha! brings dispassion in the worldly objects, And makes us realize that you alone are real, and everything else is unreal My mind hankers for your darshan (vision), and my tongue cries out in ecstacy Jai Raghuveer Samartha! Jai Jai Raghuveer Samarha.
--In the lotus feet of Samartha Sadguru

And then what to say of your disciples? Each was a gem in itself. Foremost was a noble soul called Sivaba who was a beloved son of Mother Bhavani, whom you inspired to protect the Dharma oh gosai (Protector of the cows)!
His splendor shines as the sun, His bravery is as immesurable as the ocean, His ego destroyed by the powerful arrow called Guru's grace His benigness as vast as the sky I o…

Wishing everyone a Happy Deepavali!

Om Jai Sai Ram! Verily only by resorting the Sadguru can one drive out the darkness of ignorance. If the devotee, puts the wick of dispassion in the oil of bhakthi (devotion) and light it with the light of Jnana (Knowledge), then only can he drive out the darkness called ignorance, which exists in the form of our many desires and our ego. I wish all the readers a happy and prosperous Deepavali. May god bless you with a bright and prosperous year ahead. Deepavali is a very important festival to those who follow Sanathana dharma, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists. I think many people would have learnt this fact, as the US president Barak Obama himself lit a lamp for Deepavali in the White House and in his message to the world, told the significance of Deepavali. The Samskrita verse "Lead me from untruth to truth, lead me from darkness to light, lead me from the cycle of life and death to immortality, peace peace peace!" (In Samskrita "Asatoma Sadgamaya, Tamasoma Jyotirgama…

Santha Jnaneshwar : The piligrimage with Santha Namadeva

Om Jai Sai Ram! Verily the Sadguru alone is the truth and all else is an illusion. The truth is that god is! He is the creator and he is the creation. The creation, sustenance and dissolution are merely his illusory powers. The truth being that he is! And to realize this, we must resort to a Sadguru, and if the ego be submitted to the lotus feet of the Sadguru, the wall of distinction between the guru and the devotee disappears and the seeker (devotee) realizes that "soham" (I am that). Verily submitting the ego does not mean that we think low of ourselves. For our true nature is Brahman itself! Our true nature is the Sadguru himself. The false ego or this "I" prevents us from exercising our full potential. And it is for this reason that I submit my ego at the lotus feet of Sadguru, and beseech him to help me describe his glory.
In the last post on Santha Jnaneshwara, I described how Namadeva met his guru Visoba, and through him realized the true nature of Pandurang…

Krishna Janmashtami

Om Jai Sai Ram! Whenever there is a decline in righteousness and the unrighteous usurp high positions and torture the hapless populace, then to protect dharma and to uphold righteousness, the lord himself comes down to the abode of the mortals (earth) as an avatara (Incarnation), by the nature of his own Yogamaya (Illusory powers). During times when the righteous groan under the tyranny of the wicked, divine incarnations or Sadgurus or Sages or Saints come down and lighten the burden of the people. One such avatara (Divine incarnation) was Lord Krishna, the eighth avatara of Lord Vishnu (God). This avatara was one of the most glorious avataras ever, and the lord came down upon earth in this beautiful form and did things which were of inexplicable beauty. His every act or leela (Divine play) is so difficult to describe, even the thousand tongued Adi Shesha and the Vedas find it hard to describe his glory. What then for a dullard like me? How can I describe and sing the Lord's glory…

Guru Pournima

Om Jai Sai Ram! It is only by the grace of Sadguru that we can get rid of all the defilements in ourselves and become pure. By getting rid of lower desires and submitting our ego at the lotus feet of the Sadguru, we can reach the fount of bliss, which is the abode of the Sadguru. As the popular shloka (hymn) extols the Guru thus "Guru is Brahma (The creator of the universe) , Guru is Vishnu (The preserver of the Universe) and Guru is Lord Maheshwara (At the time of dissolution, the world enters into him), Guru is Parabrahma himself (The ultimate Brahman, the essence of all that is), Let me therefore bow humbly before him". The Sadguru is without beginning and without end. It is an audacious task for a dullard like me to describe the glories of the Sadguru. But I carry on knowing that I am merely an instrument, and Sadguru alone is the doer. By clasping his lotus feet, I beseech the Sadguru to bless me and help me narrate his glories, and to bless you readers to enjoy the sa…

A leela of Sadguru Sainath!

Om Jai Sairam! Wonderful are the leelas (divine play) of Sadguru Sainath! There is no beginning or end to them. They are by his own nature, poorna (Infinite) and Sadguru Sainath is poorna Brahma (The infinite god or Brahman). Fortunate are we, who get the opportunity to listen to leelas of Sadguru Sainath. They are verily nectar to the ears. I would, by the grace of Sainath, like to describe a wonderful leela which happened to a person here, and was narrated to me by my father.
A friend of our family happens to be a great Sai devotee. Her brother lives in New Jersy. I do not know the name of her brother, but it was he who experienced a sweet leela of Sainath.
This person lives alone in New Jersy, and because of that he brought a little puppy home. He looks after the pup with lot of love and care. But he is forced to leave it alone and go to work. On one such day, just a few days after getting the pup, he had gone to work. On that day a terrible storm blew over New Jersy. There were …

Santha Jnaneshwar: Santha Namadeva meets his Guru

Om Sai Ram! Can one measure the depth of the ocean? Can one cover the entire sky with cloth trappings? Can the clouds be unmoved by heavy winds? or can fire burn water? If these things are possible, so is it possible to describe fully, all the glories of Sadguru Sai! His leelas (divine plays) are inscrutable. Where is the hope for a dullard like me then? There is however one way, and it is the lotus feet of the Sadguru. Our life or this samsara (life) can be compared to that of the state of a drowning man. To prevent ourselves from drowning in the deep abyss maya, one must float onto the surface by clinging onto the raft called the lotus feet of the sadguru. By submitting our ego to the Sadguru, we can be fearless and assured of crossing over this ocean called samsara by his able guidance. Hence, it is by submitting my ego to Sadguru Sai, and knowing fully well that he is the doer and "I" a mere instrument, I go onto describe the greatness of the Saints.
In the previous post…

Santha Jnaneshwar: Which pot is half baked?

Om Jai Sai Ram! This universe is the Sadguru and nothing else. The whole world is pervaded by the Sadguru and the whole world dwells within him. It is only by the grace of sadguru that one can hope to achieve the most important aim in this life, viz salvation. I cannot stress enough on the fact that the task I have undertaken is audacious, and it is impossible for a dullard like me to sing the glories of the sadguru. However, by clinging onto the Sadguru's lotus feet and realizing that he alone is the doer, and I the instrument, I proceed to sing his glory. All praise be to Sadguru Sainath Maharaj. I now go onto narrate a beautiful tale of several saints, who were verily divine incarnations and had come to lighten the burden of mother earth.

In the previous post I described how Lord Jnanadeva and his brothers and sisters met several saints in Pandharpur, foremost among them being Santha Namadeva, Chokar Mela, Janabai. It was also seen that though Santha Namadeva was the staunchest …

Santh Jnaneshwar : The trip to Pandharpura - The begining of the tradition of the Varkaris

Om Sai Ram! There is nothing in this world, nay this universe, that can bring happiness and bliss upon one, as the contemplation and singing the glories of the Sadguru. Sadguru is our mother, father, our relative, our everything. Sadguru is verily Parabrahma. I seek to sing his glory and however incapable I might feel I am, I cling myself to the lotus feet of my Sadguru, and I know he will bestow his merciful glance towards me. It is he only who makes me write. All credits be to the sadguru and any faults are mine. The Sadguru is like the chintamani (A wish fullfilling stone can bestow whatever one desires) who can give one the ultimate realization that everyone yearns for! By placing my ego at the lotus feet of my Sadguru Sainath, I now proceed to narrate how the Varkari Sampradaya began.

In the last post I described how, the arrogant scholar Visoba became transformed into a saint after coming in contact with Santh Jnaneshwar. The number of people who came to visit the saint family sw…

Sai may my head ever rest in the dust of your lotus feet!

Sai, you are the fount of infinite bliss
Thy grace, how immeasurable it is
The rishis and munis have longed for your vision
Blessed is he, on whom you have bestowed devotion

Thou art Brahma Vishnu and Maheshwara
You are one with Dattatreaya Digambara
Thou art the beloved son of Sage Atri and Mother Anasuya
You are the veritable Panduranga and Saguna Parabrahma Dattatreya

Thy mercy is infinite and boundless
Thy grace helps the helpless
You fill their Zoli with happiness
And lead them on the path to blessedness

King of Kings, You appeared as a Fakir in guise
Marvelous are thy ways, hard to discern even for the wise
Ceaselessly Whirling You perform the grand cosmic dance
And put one who listen to your nectar like stories in a trance.

Shree Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

Shree Gurudeva Datta! Sadguru Datta!

Bow to Shree Sai! Peace be to all!

Santh Jnaneshwar : Visoba learns his lesson

Om Jai Sai Ram! Verily the task I have undertaken is a very bold one! For how can a dullard like me try to describe the supreme spirit or sing his glory? What can the glowworm say about the Sun? However I draw strength from my Sadguru, who alone is the doer. Sadguru alone makes me type these words. And by falling at his lotus feet, I beseech him to help me in my endeavor. This endeavor of mine is to sing the glory of the Sadguru.

In the previous post, I described how Santh Jnaneshwar humbled the king of Yogis Changdev, by showing his spiritual prowess by making a lifeless wall move. Now hear another tale, where a jnani and an elite brahmin of Alandi took refuge under the feet of Santh Jnanadeva.

There lived in Alandi a brahmin and a devotee of Lord Shiva called Visoba. This Visoba was proud of his learning. He was a pundit (Scholar) in Sanskrit, and had read and mastered the Vedas and Upanishads. However all his learning had taken him far from the goal of all life, which is spiritual i…

Shree Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

Shining as a thousand suns
Cool as the moonlight
With mother Sita as his consort
With Lord Lakshmana as his brother
And with Lord Hanuman at his service
I bow before the foremost of Raghus
The favorite disciple of Vasishta and Vishwamitra
His mercy is boundless as the universe
For he is verily the universe
His name is composed of those two sweet letters 'ra' and 'ma'
Let me always be his servant and sing his glory
Let me always sing
Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram