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Santh Jnaneshwar : The revival of Satchitananda buva

Om Jai Sai Ram! Verily Sadguru is the sagun form of Parabrahma! He is the only reality. If one is blessed with a sadguru, he need not worry, for by the grace of the Sadguru alone the person crosses this samsara safe and sound and attains to the eternal state of Brahman! It is this that gives me the courage, for I know that I am a dullard and it is only by the grace of the sadguru that I can write these posts and sing his glory! This glory has no beginning or ending and is eternal! I beseech the Sadguru to guide me in describing his greatness.

As described in the previous post, wherever the brother and sisters went miracles followed them. Just as the day follows night or just as a calf follows it's mother, thus did miracles follow them everywhere. A few years passed thus, and most of the people started believing in them. One day they were passing by a village. There they saw a tragic sight. A dead body of a young man was being carried, and his wailing widow was coming by his side. …

Santh Jnaneshwar : At Newase!

Om Jai Sai Ram! Blessed is he who has come into contact of the stories of Saints, for their stories are verily nectar to the ears. Such a one need not be afraid of Samsara, for indeed the Lord god has come close to them by creating an interest in them of his leelas (divine play). And the sadguru is none other than the same parabrahma. It is that very reason that makes a dullard like me sing the glory of the Lord. It is only by the grace of the Sadguru that I am able to sing his glory! I am merely an instrument in his hands. I therefore beseech the Sadguru to help me sing his glory in this post, for I am describing but his earlier incarnation as Jnanadeva. This incarnation was fabulous! Words are not enough to describe it! By the grace of the Sadguru only can he be praised!

Now as described in the previous post, Santh Jnaneshwar thought the haughty brahmins, the entire philosophy of advaitha and thought them how to get rid of their false egos and pride! The news spread like wild fire.…

Santh Jnaneshwar : The haughty brahmins of Paithan!

Om Jai Sai Ram! This brahmanda (universe) and everything in it is a beautiful mystery. It is poorna (Infinite)! And to describe it is but impossible. But there is one word that can describe it, and that word is the Sadguru! I know nothing of this world or it's surroundings! It is only by the grace of the Sadguru that I am able to sing his glory. I fall at the lotus feet of my Sadguru and beseech him to help me in singing his glory!

In the previous post I described the initiation of Sant Nivritthi and Sant Jnanadeva maharaj into the Natha cult when they were 7 and 5 years respectively. The father of Santh Jnanadev, Vitthalpant decided it was time to go to Paithan and request the letter of purification from the scholarly brahmins present there.

Now the brahmins of Paithan were renowned for their knowledge of the vedas and shastras. But their learning had come with one side effect. Arrogance and a huge ego. Now though the vedas and the shastras stress on giving up the ego for spiritual…