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The source of light

I went in search of the source of Light
I walked on and on day and night

I went in search of the source of air
Walking on and on I went to a Village fair

The merchants beckoned me with their colorful wares
Their beauty made me forget my original quest

I bought some items here and some there
I looked around and wanted to buy more and more

I became confused on what more to buy
I then became enamored by the dancing girls

I then became very sad by the things I did not have
I was not happy with the things I already had

Once the show was over, the dancing girls left
They went to entice other men in a different village

Hopelessly lost and deeply saddened
I remembered what I originally sought

In the night when the merchants had left
The light from the starry sky showed me the way

The cool breeze wafting through the city
softly whispered to me the directions to a cave

Treading in the moon lit night I reached  a cool stream
Nearby was a cave which was the dwelling of a wizard

I went and knelt …