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Faith in the supreme Lord

Om Jai Sai Ram! This world is verily like a pit infested with poisonous snakes. Circumstances in life are like deadly reptiles which evoke a plethora of negative emotions in us. One is forever dying a slow death in this pit expecting happiness from it. All it gives is pain followed by more pain. Heart ache and pain are rife. However, when the Sadguru appears above us and covers the dark pit with his effulgent radience, we realize that the snakes are an illusion. We mistake the ropes for snakes and we suffer endlessly. The Sadguru can make us forget this illusory snake pit and lead us to the garden of blissful paradise which is our original home. Often us devotees are drowned in a quagmire of problems which overwhelm us at every turn. If we turn to the Sadguru and happily clasp his lotus feet isntead of trying to be cleaver, the problems vanish like darkness before light. The storm which seemed life threatening goes away at the Sadguru's command to give way to life giving sun shin…

Protect me oh Murari

When the huge armies of Jarasansha, Poundraka and Shalva stood
Marvelling at the beauty of Mother Rukmini near the temple of the mother of the universe
You appeared like a lion snatching it's prey from cowardly jackals
You quelled Rukmi's arrogance and put him in his place
You satisfied the innermost prayer of Mother Rukmini
And made her your consort at your hallowed city of Dwaraka
The worldly life is like swimming in an ocean of fire
Happiness here seems unattainable and elusive
People you love the most tend to hurt you with their words and deeds
Why oh why did I ever fall in love oh slayer of Mura
A thousand serrated arrows of unrequited wishes pierce my soul
Speaking my mind against this injustice only results in pain more foul
Give me the strength to detach from these wordly attachments
And let my tongue sing your gloried and hear your divine sport
Happiness lies only at your feet and nowhere else
This was realised by Rantideva, Ambarisha and Dhruva of yore

Real Treasure

The King of kings came in the guise of a fakir
And threw open the coffers of his treasure to the faithful

With patience the apostle of love earned this wealth
And like a philanthropist started distributing the wealth

The self made billionaire among billionaires went about
Looking for a spiritual son to continue the good work

Then came a young gentleman dressed impeccably dressed
He became the rightful heir to the wealth of the universe

The care taker of the universe said, come take this wealth
Not recognizing the treasure's worth I walked towards the cunning merchants

After haggling with the merchants long and hard
I bought the wares that I did not need

I ran after the counterfeit money that was required
To do transactions with the merchants of the world

Forgetting the real treasure trove hidden near the neem tree
I ran after ephemeral treasure which excites the sense organs

I gave myself away without prudence to the people of the world

I got only barbs and disappointments to my fr…

My Sadguru Came Home!

My Sadguru came home yesterday
I was pining for the him day by day

I tread a thorny path bereft of any shoes
Every person I meet seems to have a forked tongue

Insults hurled one after the other hurt
My body like a million serrated arrows

Your lover does not get respected
amidst the merchants of the world

Always the lover is trod upon
By the cruel beings of the world

Not a single shoulder to lean on
No one to turn to in these depressing times

I pined for the arrival of the Sadguru
Whose acceptance alone matters in this world

You came to my house blessing one and all
Tears of pain were replaced by those of happiness

As I clung to the treasure trove of the Sadguru's feet
I realized that nothing else really matters in the world

The dreary mountain of expectations of happiness from the world vanished
To make room for the spotless brilliance of the Sadguru's grace


As I walked into the office, pondering over what would make me feel better. That made me realize that I was not feeling good. I was feeling blue. Why I wondered? I changed the question a little. What is it that has made me feel bad. I realized that there was something that I wanted badly. Something that I would have really enjoyed had it happened. It has not happened yet. And unfortunately, every day I am somehow reminded of that fact.

Today somehow I wanted to bring a closure to the issue. How do I do it I wondered. I then saw the calendar lying on my desk. There was a saying of Lord Sainath before today's date. It was "Poverty is better than Kingship. The lord is always with the poor". I had always understood this statement to allude to Sainath's fakiri (medicant lifestyle) . Haven't poets sung time and again looking at Baba's magnificent form "You wear the garb of a fakir but in reality you are the emperor of emperors. You are the almighty God who ha…

wall of difference

The lover treads a lonely track
Seeking the beloved on a thorny path

Blow after blow from serrated arrows to the heart
The mendicants at the infirmary of the lovelorn are clueless

Unrequited remains most of the wishes of the lover
Wounds and abrasions seem to be without reason

This mad quest of the lover few understand and fewer speak about
A taboo it is considered in this world full of businessmen

How much more pain can the lover bear
No one, not even the beloved understands

The murshid asks me to quit anger
and stop fretting over painful memories

My fakir soothed my aching heart and
wiped the hot tears streaking down my chin

Now at least realize what is real and what is unreal, Said he
Remove this wall of difference between you and me!

Sit still and I will do the rest!

I sat still near the fakir
Until I was driven to find a beloved

"Is it prudent to bet my life's happiness on another?"
Thinking thus I spent many a lonely days journeying the world

Until the beloved came to my arms and pleased me
I lost all judgement and prudence and fell hopelessly in love

Every day I walked on shards of glass to reach the beloved's embrace
Pain welled in the heart at regular intervals with hot tears streaming

And sometimes the walk was weary and drab
Without a shoulder to lean on or to weep

As my bleeding and battered feet walked on
I saw your neem tree in a soft clearing

The fakir said "Live like a lotus in water"
"Remember my name and cease this capricious journey"

"Seek the beloved within and live happily"
"This outer journey is the most crooked ever"!

"Some call him Allah, Others Ram"
"But remember his name and remain calm"

As I wept at the fakir's lotus feet and fell asleep
I realized  that this is…


I left my bolster to make a name in the world
I  left the shade of the neem tree to walk in the hot sun

Barefoot I walked in the burning sand of the desert of desires
Until I reached your city known for it's immense wealth

Leaving the cool shelter of the neem tree I went
Out looking to build a nest in an arid desert

Full of conniving merchants and mirages of all sorts
Disappointed several times, in seeking shelter I walked on

Until I finally found the beloved in a palatial mansion
I emptied the wine cup in my heart to fill her intoxicating love

I cleaned and built a palace of pure love for her to stay in
And invited her to leave her mansion and stay in my palace forever

She then coaxed me to leave the palace and live in her mansion
Much to my consternation I rebelled like one forced to give up drink

After staying a few days in the mansion, I found that
The beloved kicked me out to suffer the burning longing of separation

With insults and abuses hurled one after another,
Each pier…

The Reflection

I lost all prudence and decency
The moment I entered your temple

Drunk and intoxicated in love
I forgot to clothe myself in the cold winter nights

  Lost forever in your contemplation
The kids in the street jeer and leer at this crazy fakir

And yet I sit outside the temple gates waiting for them to open
And for you to cast your loving glance on me

"You will do that, won't you?" I cry myself hoarse
 Asking the beloved for a reply time and again

Against the rustling sounds of the eastern wind
 I hear the hurried footsteps of the fakir coming towards me

 Wear the clothes of discrimination urges the fakir
Providing me the tattered kafni which provides immense warmth

"Cease looking outside!" Said the fakir
"Seek the beloved deep inside , and forge an everlasting alliance of infinite love"

I went to the lake seeking the inner reflection
To find the loving deep blue eyes of the fakir staring right  back at me

When heaven meets earth in a warm embrace

Without prudence I took the plunge
The moment I beheld your beautiful form

Without thinking I ran straight
Into the burning bush of love

Without fear I jumped off the cliff
Taking the leap of faith towards you

However, the moment your presence is away from me
I feel the pangs of separation every moment

What madness is this that has besieged me
I feel breathless without your divine presence

I look towards the sun, the moon and the stars
For a sign from my beloved expressing desire to meet me

I wait for that moment at dusk when heaven
meets the earth in a warm embrace

Did not Rumi feel the pain of a Knife plunging through his heart
When Shams of Tabrez walked away from Konya unannounced

I run around not knowing where to find you and
In the midst of the forest I meet the Fakir

Impeccable features of a God in the guise of a mendicant
Deep eyes which are the very two eyes of Motherly affection

The fakir asked me to stop running around and look within
"Why seek beauty outside when it i…