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The Reflection

I lost all prudence and decency
The moment I entered your temple

Drunk and intoxicated in love
I forgot to clothe myself in the cold winter nights

  Lost forever in your contemplation
The kids in the street jeer and leer at this crazy fakir

And yet I sit outside the temple gates waiting for them to open
And for you to cast your loving glance on me

"You will do that, won't you?" I cry myself hoarse
 Asking the beloved for a reply time and again

Against the rustling sounds of the eastern wind
 I hear the hurried footsteps of the fakir coming towards me

 Wear the clothes of discrimination urges the fakir
Providing me the tattered kafni which provides immense warmth

"Cease looking outside!" Said the fakir
"Seek the beloved deep inside , and forge an everlasting alliance of infinite love"

I went to the lake seeking the inner reflection
To find the loving deep blue eyes of the fakir staring right  back at me