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Swami Samarth Tarak Mantra

Om Shree Ganeshaya Namaha! Shree Saraswatyai Namaha! Shree Kuladevatyai Namaha! Om Shree Sainaathaya Namaha! Om Shree Swami Samarthaaya Namaha! Verily we must have firm faith in the lotus feet of the Sadguru. For why else are we his devotees. We must surrender completely to him and think always that he knows best. His powers are immesurable and he is the lord and indweller of one and all. He is the Parabrahma of the Vedas and the Allah of the Koran. While describing him, the Vedas merely said "Neti Neti" (Not this, Not this). What then is the way for me? Is it not haughty of me to think I can describe his glory? I cannot, and all I can ever do is submit my ego before his lotus feet. By submitting my speech,hearing and all senses to him. When this is done, he alone will get the work done through the devotee who earnestly wishes to sing his glory. I pray to Sadguru Sainath to help me, nay to use me as an instrument and describe his boundless glory.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed…