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Om Jai Sairam! I humbly bow before by Sadguru, offering my ego at his lotus feet and I beseech his help and guidance in this most difficult task. By my Sadguru's grace, I have had the good fortune of listening to his leelas and the leelas of many saints who graced this land. All Saints are verily one and they are Sagun Sakar Parabrahma (Almighty with form). Even the vedas and the thousand tongued Shesha find it hard to describe his glory. How can a dullard like me try then? What hope is there for me. The hope to a sailor like me, near the reef called samsara in the darkness of Maya is the grace of the Sadguru which shines like a beacon light coming out of a lighthouse on the shore! Verily Sadguru is the doear. He is the creator , preserver and destroyer of the Universe. He is verily Brahma Vishnu and Maheshwara! He alone can sing his glory and I am a mere instrument in his hands. Therefore, putting the dust of his feet on my forehead and onto my mouth, so as to enable me to sing h…