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Krishna Janmashtami

Om Jai Sai Ram! Whenever there is a decline in righteousness and the unrighteous usurp high positions and torture the hapless populace, then to protect dharma and to uphold righteousness, the lord himself comes down to the abode of the mortals (earth) as an avatara (Incarnation), by the nature of his own Yogamaya (Illusory powers). During times when the righteous groan under the tyranny of the wicked, divine incarnations or Sadgurus or Sages or Saints come down and lighten the burden of the people. One such avatara (Divine incarnation) was Lord Krishna, the eighth avatara of Lord Vishnu (God). This avatara was one of the most glorious avataras ever, and the lord came down upon earth in this beautiful form and did things which were of inexplicable beauty. His every act or leela (Divine play) is so difficult to describe, even the thousand tongued Adi Shesha and the Vedas find it hard to describe his glory. What then for a dullard like me? How can I describe and sing the Lord's glory…