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An Empire of Faith!

A boy came into a tiny hamlet
Absorbed in the self day and night

Meditated near a neem tree
From desires was he ever free

Who knew what the future beheld
He sat alone feeling neither hot or cold

Disappeared one day all of a sudden
Much to the dismay of the Villagers

Reappered in the Nizam dominion
As an aulia in Chand Patil's opinion

Who knew that this poor begging fakir
Was to bless the richest of emir

An empire of faith was established
Differences and evil was abolished

He declared boldly before everyone
Listen to me "God is one"

To the Hindus he is Ram
And to the Yavanas he is Rahim

To the Jews,Samaritans and Christians he is Yahweh
To the Fire worshippers he is Ahura Mazda

To those who follow the divine 10 Gurus
He is called by them as Waheguru

To the followers of Siddhartha Gautama
He is known as the state of Nirvana

Follow with all your heart your own religion
Doing so find humanity and love within

No new religion or Math was established
No new religious order was …